Pros and Cons of Wall Mounted Faucets and Top Mounted Faucets!
Pros and Cons of Wall Mounted Faucets and Top Mounted Faucets! - 2013-12-04 14:40:40

Pros and Cons of Wall Mounted Faucets and Top Mounted Faucets!

Putting a faucet in its deserved place is no mean thing. In fact, there are many possibilities to consider when it comes to installing a good faucet. As if the designs were not enough, manufacturers have ensured that the buyer gets complete value and quality for his money, including convenience and facility of being versatile. Each one of you is aware that a faucet takes up certain amount of space. This means you cannot keep other things like soaps, scrubs, etc. on the top when using them. Again you need a faucet which can be cleaned easily. This applies not just to the faucet, it also applies to the space around the faucet which can catch fungus and dirt fast and start coloring. For this purpose you have two types of faucets which you can install according to the space available

1. Wall Mounted faucets: You need to install these not on the sink top, but the connection to the faucet will come through the wall. This means you will need the water pipeline connection to come through the wall. If you do not want to break up the wall, the pipeline will come along the wall. However, this would not look as impressive aesthetically. Wall mounted faucets should be installed after ensuring that there would be least leakages. It is difficult to repair any leakage, since it can be done only after breaking the wall or the panel open.

Though these seem to work against the wall mounted faucets, there are also some benefits to these. Firstly these save space. Another important point to consider is installing these in kitchen is excellent. If you are installing a specific versatile faucet inside the kitchen, you will find you can use this versatility to fullest extent. In fact there are very less limitations brought to it just because of the place of installation. These also tend to catch less dirt and grime basically because these are nowhere near the place where water flows maximum.

Some bathroom faucets like the lavatory faucet, the bathtub faucet, etc. too are wall mounted. This means you have more space on your bathtub top, here you can keep the essential oils, soap, scrub pads, etc. easily thus it helps you utilize space even better.

2. Top mounted faucet: This top could be the sink top, the bathtub top, etc. These are the most conventional and easier to install than the wall mounted ones. Here the pipeline can come from under the sink or the bathtub wherever it is installed. These types are also easier to install. In case of repairs, you will find repairing these easier than any other. Fixing leakages too is easier in these type of faucets.

Though these are easier to manage, there are some cons to these too. Firstly, you will find that these consume space on the top they are installed. Another point of problem is that there is accumulation of water, dirt and grime, wherever these are placed. So at the time of cleaning up you need to take some special effort before you can actually find the space cleaner. The versatility of these faucets is reduced when it comes to a kitchen sink. Of course, these are designed accordingly but you will find functioning of  wall mounted faucets easier than the sink mounted ones, in busy places like the kitchen.

Though each has its own benefits, it remains your choice to make when it comes to installation of a faucet in your home.

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