Luxury Modern Shower Cubicles/Shower Enclosure

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This shower enclosure may conserve energy, is the environmental protection product, the service life is long. Various functions can be customized. 

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Products Name: Luxury Modern Shower Cubicles/Shower Enclosure

Model: Sigmar044

Shower Cubicles Materials:  5mm Toughened glass,aluminum alloy&ABS board

Advantage Features of Shower Cubicle:

Our shower room: 

1.Tempered Glass. (Frabic, clear, matt, grey, bule, printed glass for option)

2.Aluminium profile.( Chrome, white, grey, sand silver, black color for option)

Low tray

Shower Enclosure Composition:

1.Ventilation Fan;                                       

2.Computer control;

3.Luxurious fixed shower;
6.Hot and cold water faucet;  30pcs
7.Sharp Massaging;
8.Luxurious roof lamp;
9.FM riado;
10.Sauna clock;

11.Flameproof lamp;                                            

12.Sauna chair;                                                

13.Sauna bucket,


15.Sauna stove   


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