Tub faucet ceramic cartridge single handle taps

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New design basin faucet with brass body and zinc alloy handle are of good quality to export Europe, which are suitable for house bathroom decoration.

Tub faucet ceramic cartridge single handle taps

Material: brass body, zinc alloy handle;Surface finishing: Chrome; Surface Treatment: polished;Faucet Mount: Single Hole;Valve Core Material: Ceramic valve core; Cartridge: 40 mm ceramic cartridge for smooth and long lasting operation;Finished: chrome, golden color, bronze color.

Faucet Technology Requirement

1.Sealability:Keeping water taps under the standard pressure 1.6MPa 60s,faucet ceramic valve body cant out of shape and no leaks.

2.Coating:electroplating coating must have 24 hours test with Acetic acid-salt spray.

3.Valve Intension:

water inlet:2.5MPa 60s

water outlet:0.4MPa 60s

4.Flow measurement:

1)Bathtub faucet water flow greater than 20L/m under the pressure of 0.3MPa. 

2)Basin faucet,bathroom faucet or kitchen faucet water flow should be under 9L/m or not more than 0.15L/s with the pressure of 0.1MPa.

5.Water faucet can be guaranteed to keep 5 years except any man-made destroy. 

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